help i messed with my graphics card!

I have a Grandmars VIA 266 motherboard 7VJD, I was messing with my display card, changing it from Geforce 5200 to Geforce 4 MX, but when i booted up the PC it shows a funny srceen, so I cleared the bios and tried again, which didn't work!!!!! So I putted the Geforce FX 5200 back and system is fine again!
But because my little brother Fxxx my XP so i needed to format and reinstall.
During XP installing a Blue srceen came up which says something like '...IRQ and less or equal..' and the system is halt. i tried it a few times with different windows CD, but it doesn't work! i tried it with a geforce 2MX and the same thing happened. but windows 2000pro installation is fine! and i am using that now!

Also, when i restart the pcthe system halts and doesn't startup again, and needs to reset with the reset switch! whats going !!!?!!?? help!!!??!?!

I love my pc
but my pc hates me...
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  1. sounds like screwed ram

    RIP Block Heater....HELLO P4~~~~~
    120% nVidia Fanboy
    FX5700Ultra, the next Ti4200? seems so
  2. Had that problem myself. It turned out to be the drivers for my Logitech mouse .

    I aint signing nothing!!!
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