Which one should I buy?

Friend needs laptop advice
he has a budget or under £400
He will only really use it for minecraft and general computing
which of these should he get?

Am i right in saying that for graphics he's better with the AMD one and for processor he wants the intel one?
Thanks in advance :)
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  1. thanks, Know it's off topic but how do I get the links to work?
  2. Easy way is to just paste the link without doing anything fancy.
    If you use the forum link tool - after you enter the web link you add text to describe the link (info between quotes")
    "Lenovo Z575 15" A6-3420 APU notebook £400"
  3. thanks, any opinion on which one though?
  4. Hey the A6 will be better than the i3 if you want to do any gaming at all. But the i3 may be quicker if you want to do any processor heavy activities. For general computing however they would be onpar but in minecraft the A6 would definitely pull ahead.
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