(Sapphire) ATI 9800Pro All In Wonder 128Mb

What have I done? Why did I turn my back on Nvidia?
I’ve had this card (Sapphire ATI 9800Pro All In Wonder 128Mb) for about two months now. The issues I’ve encountered with this card are beyond all comprehension. All In Blunder is the rightful name for this product. How could anyone have the stomach to release such a graphics card and be able to sleep at night? Forget the extra features with this card (they won’t work); just trying to get the Catalysts (all previous including 3.9) working for the graphics (OpenGL & D3d) is a myth.
I’m in need of some serious help to convince me otherwise.
This is no less, than a serious plea, for I’m loosing it. Help!
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  1. Did you remove all trace of nvidia driver?

    Does your PSU's rating met the requirement?

    And please, we cant figure out the solutions without knowing the actual problems...... :wink:
  2. Run DriverCleaner!

    And do you have a FRESH OS installed? And what's your Windows version? What's your CPU/MB? How mouch ram you have? Do you overclock?

    Can you describe your problems???

    I got a Radeon All-In-Wonder VE (PCI version with Radeon 7500) to work with with all the features on a P3-700MHz and 512 Megs of RAM. I can't believe you have a Radeon 9800 AIW that don't work at all.

    AIW are complex products with lot of features. You must follow the installation guide carefully and everything should be fine. When I installed the AIW VE, I followed the steps one by one and I had no problems!

    Would you buy a GPS enabled soap bar?
  3. alot of times even savvy users cant fix everything on their own. Give us some feedback on your rig and setup and I'm possitive you can get it going........

    I've had tons of ATI and NVDA products with few problems.


    <font color=red> Quantum Computers! - very interesting </font color=red>
  4. The problem was related to the motherboard BIOS, after updating my A7N8X bios from 1004 to 1007 fixed everything.
    I've had no problem since. This card is AOK!
    Thank you for responding to this plea.
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