Graphics card sizes!?!?!

This is possibly the strangest issue I have ever encountered. At my work I have been given a "Cybernet Elite4 'Zero-footprint-PC'" and asked to fit a second graphics card to it...

Problem is that it has to be PCI and it has to be pretty small. I need a pci card that is shorter than a Creative Geforce MX440 and preferably that does not require a heatsink. I've been trying to dig up an old matrox card I've got somewhere... but if anyone can suggest a newer card that would be great.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


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  1. I think you're refering to half-height cards. Look at ALL the PCI graphics cards at Newegg, many of them are half-height, with full-height brackets. The brackets can be shortened. I've seen half-height cards using Radeon 9000, 9200, and 7200 chips, as well as GeForce2 MX200 and MX400. All have a heatsink.

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