Looking for software for my new computer to monitor Fan speed and CPU

I am looking for computer software to help me monitor cpu temp and fan speed. I not sure what is out there just looking for good solid performing software.
Thanks Mike
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  1. What type of setup do you have running ? What type of motherboard manufacture is it ? This is a good program to use: SpeedFan 4.40


    I personally use PC Probe II because it came with my Asus board. It gives all the data that you're looking for; however, I am not sure if it's tailored specifically towards Asus based boards or any brand could use it for accurate results. If you want you could give that a try to; likewise, the one I linked to you should also be sufficient for your needs too.
  2. hwmonitor by cpuid (the same guys who do cpuz) is pretty good. check out also realtemp and speedfan. some programs work better than others on different motherboards.
  3. Personally I use hwmonitor, I use to use Speedfan but find hwmonitor to have more features and provide more data. AMD overdrive is also useful for monitoring system information if you've got an AMD system.
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