9600XT 128 or 256?

Having decided to purchase a 9600XT (I recognise that the 9600 pro may be better value for money, but the XT DOES come with HL2), I was wondering what the advantage of 256 memory over 128?

1. I know that the 256 is slightly more expensive, but only marginally so, BUT, I have heard that the memory on the 256 is slower than the 128. If price is no issue, which card is better?

2. Would you recommend Hercules or Sapphire, or are they pretty much the same?

Thanks for any advice!
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  1. You should do a seacrh before posting this question. It is posted every day.

    128 is better than 256 for the 9600 pro/xt. This is because of 2 things:

    1- on 256 mb cards, the memory is usually not as fast/has a higher latency/worse for overclocking

    2- 256 mb only offers benefits at super-high resolutions (i.e. 1600*1200) when using antialiassing... and the 9600 XT is not powerful to run those resolutions with AA anyway.

    So 256 megs is pretty much a waste unless it's a 9800 PRO. [or better]

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  2. OR he buys a 9800XT.
  3. Thanks for the advice guys....ordered the 128mb version

    Only bummer is that I have to wait until after Christmas for it to be delivered :(
  4. If you got the money and are in to braggin then go for the 256mb version. Otherwise the 2 perform the same.

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