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Hey everyone,
My buddy has an opportunity to buy either a Sapphire 9500Pro or a 9600XT (not sure which make). I'm telling him that because the 9500 has 8 pipes, it'll be better in the long run, even though the 9600 has a higher clock speed. I have seen some benchies that prove me right, but my friend is insistent that the 9600 is better. Looking for best DX9 performance as playing Doom 3 and HL 2 is important. Don't bother recommending to wait for another card because he's dying to play Star Wars Galaxies now and anything more expensive is out of the question. (btw, the 9500 is much cheaper too)
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  1. I opted for the 9500P recently when I built a computer for my friend. At least from what I've seen, the 9500P seems to pull ahead of the 9600s in many of the benchmarks. The problem with the 9500P is that sealed-box ones are very hard to come by, and usually at unreasonable prices, and it doesn't overclock very well if he's into that stuff. I would recommend the 9600 Pro as opposed to the XT. There is almost no difference in performance and the 9600P overclocks very well. If you are interested in the 9500P then go on eBay- there are plenty of honest folks who sell them for around $160. And make sure that your buddy has an adequate power supply if he's going for the 9500P.
  2. We have a local dealer that still has one sealed. I trust this guy too.
    No interest in overclocking and my friend's 400psu should do fine.
  3. The XT wins some, the 9500 PRO wins some...

    Both are so close I don't think you can claim a winner. Either card rocks.

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  4. Radeon9500 Pro, no question.

    Why? (well, apart from the fact, that this is a question...):

    - It has more raw power (2200 MPix/s vs. 2000MPix/s, plus you get higher granularity)
    - It has HierZ not disabled (which can save as much as 10% on fillrate
    - It has four Vertex-Units, though lower clocked they are more granular
    - If you're in for OC, then every MHz on R9500p gets you double as much benefits than on 9600XT
    - IMO the Texture Caches are either larger or much broader connected to TMU and/or RAM

    The good thing with R9600(XT) is, at least IMO, that is uses less Power.

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  5. yea everything about the 9500pro is better. rhe extra vertex units make a huge difference, as well as haveing more texture pipelines .. shader heavy games will notice more of a different than what people are experiencing now i bet

    how high did you 9500pro go up to GW?


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  6. The two are about the same but Im leaning toward the 9600 XT on this one. Since the 9500 is being dropped, The future drivers will have the tendacy not to fully acomodate the 9500. Im just speaking from a marketing point of view.

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  7. Quote:
    how high did you 9500pro go up to GW?

    Heh....I dont remember :lol:

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  8. Quote:
    The future drivers will have the tendacy not to fully acomodate the 9500.

    9500/pro = R300 core...same as the 9700/pro. ATi dropping driver support for these chips is unlikely to happen within the next couple of years silly.

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  9. R9500Pro SUX!


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  10. Quote:
    R9500Pro SUX!

    They suck in certain ways, I could never find a good overclcking bios for my card, and at the time I didnt know how to edit my own, therefore my overclocks were pretty week. I was also cursed with memory that would checkorboard 5mhz past it's manufacured limit....not very fun. I'm glad I killed that board...that dirty filthy cheap ass video card with it's ugly shrink-wrap coated electrolyte capacitors...I hate it. BTW Trev, it's in a box and adressed to your place, it should be in the mail around friday(payday) I'm trying to find some other stuff to throw in with it. I have a Kyro 3DProphet pci card that sometimes works and sometimes doesnt....stuff like that I need to get rid of :smile: I'll see what I can come up with.

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  11. Quote:
    I was also cursed with memory that would checkorboard 5mhz past it's manufacured limit....not very fun.

    Bummer, dude. My Saphire 9500 Pro kicks buttocks!

    Aaaaaaaaaaargh! I wrote my scores down on little pieces of paper and now I can't find them. Anyway, my 9500 Pro overclocked came pretty close to my stock 9700 Pro.

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