Is this a good card?

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I was going to go with an ATI built 9600XT for the system I am building right now, but this one is cheaper and has higher clocked memory. Not sure about the brand though.


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  1. dont like powercolor.....sorry,
    checkout the forum and see lots of opinions away from them.


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  2. Yes, the memory is clocked higher, but I believe it's the same memory. Buy an ATI card and overclock the RAM, it's clocked stock at 300 (DDR600) but rated by Samsung as 350 (DDR700).

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  3. The cards are OK but they have an above-average defect rate. Some people here have had a bad experience with them.

    My first powercolor quickly died on me, but they replaced it fairly quickly so I personally can't complain.

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  4. Just go with the built by ati. Same thing but better waranty. Now if you are gettin the one made by asus then go for that one.

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  5. I just got my bba 9600xt from for 188$, when I'm spending that much money I can't see trying to save $13 by taking a risk that a lot of folks here seem to think might be a bad investment.
  6. I was more interested in the fact the memory is clocked higher on this card - with the GPU clocked higher on the XT the memory becomes the bottleneck.
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