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I have my pc and ps3 on a share network. My ps3 can access some files from my pc like movies and stuff and my pc is set to sleep after 30 minutes.

Will my pc go to sleep if I am accessing movies on the ps3? Is there a way to wake up my pc from sleep with my ps3 by trying to access it's files?
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  1. Anybody out there?
  2. Please help.
  3. Wake on network activity - in bios
  4. Okay does this mean....

    Condition: Computer set to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity:

    1. If my computer tries to acces the internet (downloads) system will not go to sleep until downloads stop? Yes or no?

    2. If my ps3 is accessing a shared video or music from the pc system will not go to sleep until ps3 stops accessing the system. Yes or no?

    3. If, somehow, the internet is trying to access my pc the system will not go to sleep. Yes or no?
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    Wake on LAN in the BIOS enables the computer to be woken by a specifc 'Wake on LAN' packet. This will not allow the computer to turn on when files are requested.

    The best way to determine the answers to your questions is to set time sleep to a shorter time (like one or two minutes) and try each thing. As far as I am aware, a computer sees inactivity as no input by keyboard or mouse - when I am rendering animations for instance, all 8 cores of my i7 are at full load, yet the screen saver will still come on if it is enabled (I turn it off when I render). Usually a computer will sleep regardless of what it is doing (even in the middle of a download or encoding a video).

    My advice would be turn off automatic sleep. If you know you're going away from your computer, you can put it into sleep or turn it off. I know this isn't as easy as auto standby, but it solves all your problems doesn't it?
  6. Well my bubble just popped. Looks like I will have to do that... so sad, I loved auto-sleep.
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