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This computer is my teenager's Dell Inspiron laptop. I installed AVG free on it last night and ran a scan and it uncovered and removed a few threats. Afterward, it told me to restart the computer. I did and then got a message that I needed to use Launch Repair to fix whatever problem was causing it not to restart. I ran that and got the message that Launch Repair couldn't fix the problem. It said something about a bad hard disk. What do I do from here? How expensive are those to replace? Thank you!
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  1. You should check to see if its under warranty. If its a dell they have pretty good warranties. Go online to dell's website and check. You'll need the service tag and express service tag number. Hard drives are not expensive depending on how much space you need. I would suggest looking online for one. you can compare it with the one thats already in there. Your operating system could cost you, unless you have the cd. you could install it and enter in the prod key. I would check warranty first. Don't buy a new laptop no need!
  2. Hi :)

    Run a Dell diagnostics test on the hard drive...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Hello Paws917,
    My name is Krishna and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell. Based on the above symptoms, It's more likely that you have a bad hard drive or a corrupt Operating system. Try running the hardware diagnostics and see if it shows any errors. You can follow the instructions from .

    Also, please e-mail me your Service Tag/Order number so I can check on the warranty status You can reach me at

    Dell-Kris K
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