Bypassing windows 7 password toshiba

have toshiba laptop. have not used in 2 yrs. put password on it, can't remember password. try to reset it says need usb or flash drive or floppy disc to can i do it without floppy disc or flashdrive
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  1. Unfortunately, requesting a way to "hack" in a system is not allowed on TH. And assisting is out of the question, if you REALLY do own the laptop then just take it into a PC repair shop. (Prepare to offer them proof you own it)
  2. It is against the ToS of these forums to ask for or help with bypassing any password or code. Period. Both have been reported.
  3. If the laptop he wants help with is stolen you can be charged as an accomplice for helping him/her break the password.
    It is against Toms rules for this reason.
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