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Hello, I have a raid that has two partitions. The primary is where the OS is and is full. The second partition isn't full. I am receiving low disk space errors. Is there a way to increase the primary partition with space that I take from the other partition.
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  1. One other thing I forgot to mention. The available space on my primary is constantly changing. Is this due to the pagefile being located on this partition?
  2. y don't you repartition the disk spaces and then use as per your need..
  3. you can repartition ..... before please make backup of any data !

    i like to use offline tool : gparted
  4. gparted would work as well as a few third party applications that have nice GUI's. I believe Partition Magic can do this easily through a GUI as well as change cluster size and a few other nice features. but like cjar said, back up before you touch your partitions or any other information stored in the partitition table like cluster size.
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