Help me to choose a laptop

Hey I'm gonna buy a laptop so please help to choose and suggest me some laptops

My Configuration:

Processor: 2nd generation Intel Core i7- Processor

Operating system: Windows 7

Display: 15.6" HD

Graphics: NVIDIA GRPHICS 1GB or 2 GB

Memory: 6GB or Higher

Hard Drive: Is not important for me

Optical Drive: Is not important for me

Keyboard: Backlit Keyboard


Brands:Lenovo,Dell,Asus,and Other brands

Please reply me fast....! :(
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  1. Are you going to be gaming on this laptop?
  2. yeah..!
  3. Samsung series 7 gamer, Ideapad Y series, Alienware anything
  4. Don't listen to Ram1009, he is a turd who thinks all laptops perform like old x86 word processing machines with generic vga screens. He also thinks any computer isnt a "gaming" computer unless it runs Metro 2033 at 200+ FPS @ ultra. So ignore him.

    I would recommend AMD graphics for mobile gaming unless you have the cash to get the best GPU on the market (Nvidia). Otherwise, AMD seems to have a cost/performance edge in most cases.

    I would recomend MSI, Clevo, Alienware or Asus. Each of those brands make very good gaming machines. What is your budget?

    I love my Alienware m17x. Sandy Bridge, backlit, SSD, 16Gb RAM, BT, webcam, mic in, optical audio out, HDMI IN and OUT, etc. All new ones will be Ivy Bridge, which is a bonus for you. It plays everything I run (mainly Skyrim and SW:TOR, etm) w/ high or ultra graphics levels and vey playable frame rates.

    It also serves as a beast of a virtualization lab, if that is your thing! LOL
  5. I recommend you to look at ASUS N56VZ-DS71. It's a really good laptop, I tested it by myself. It works very smoothly and also looks nice. I didn't try to play any games, but I tried using AutoCAD - the laptop handled it quite well, much better than my current laptop (HP ProBook 4330s). This laptop fits all your criteria, including backlit keyboard. You can also take a look at ASUS K53SD-DS71 which is quite similar, but much cheaper. I never tried using it, so I can't really recommend it, but it looks like a nice laptop for a very good price
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