Graphic card - Upgrade possible??


I wish to buy a fairly powerful laptop with medium gaming capability (1366X768 is fine).
After a lotta research, I have found an ASUS laptop, which meets my requirements -

2nd gen i5 - 2.5 GHz
nVidia GT 630M

the only problem is, the graphic card is going to get outdated much sooner than any other component. :(

So, all I wish to know is that whether is it possible for me to somehow replace that 630M with some other GPU, like a GT 555 or a GTX 560 M?

I mean, does it depend on the manufacturer, or the particular make of the model?
Can I procure a laptop GPU somehow in retail?

I dont intend to blow up my money on some high end 12-1300$ rig. If u have some other laptop in mind, u can suggest that as well! :D
would appreciate any kinda help. :)

Thx in advance!
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  1. Most laptops do not allow you to upgrade the graphics card. Only certain gaming laptops which cost at least $1,500+ will allow you to do so. I believe most Alienware laptops allow you to upgrade the graphics card, but you need to call them about that.

    Laptop graphic cards are not sold in the retail market. They are only sold to system integrators (Dell, HP, Acer, etc.), however it is possible to buy new and used laptop graphic cards on ebay. Here's a GTX 580m selling for $570. Yes, it does cost more than it's desktop counterpart and it is less powerful.

    Graphic cards for laptops follow the MXM format ranging from Type I to Type III. Weak cards tends to the smaller Type I format while powerful cards like the GTX 580m uses the larger MXM Type III format.
  2. I saw at some website, they had a non-gaming version of a Dell, and they were able to change it's GPU by diassembling the LCD panel and removing the covers on it.

    If I can replace my GPU the same way they did it, then i'm fine. Plus, where can I get these mobile GPUs at a decent cost?
  3. As Jaguarskx had said, eBay.
  4. ebay is way expensive with all the shipping costs in my country.Would the manufacturers be able to provide me any replacements?
  5. No.
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