Laptop is on but the screen is black

I have a sony vaio model:PCG-61611L that will turn on (the power light is green and you can hear the inside running), but the screen will not show anything, is just black. I have tried turning it off and back on and removing the battery, no success.
Please help!!

Thank you in advance
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  1. Check your keyboard for a key with a VGA symbol(looks like a drawing of VGA connector). It would probably be an alternate function, used by holding down the FN key. Your laptop may be set to display to an external monitor.

    Or I suppose alternatively, you could try connecting a monitor to your video out ports.
  2. As erunion suggested, easiest thing to do is connect an external monitor using the VGA and boot it. It will at least rule out trying to display to a secondary screen.

    When you boot, does it POST? Also are there any lights that are flashing that normally do not?
  3. Thanks for the replies. I don't think the monitor is the problem. In a stroke of luck the screen started as normal, but once I logged in nothing but the task bar would load and the clicker would appear as if still loading. I waited about 15 min and nothing happened. I tried ctrl alt del, but the computer did not respond to anything. I turned it off and havent been able to make it work again. any ideas on what else it could be? thank you all again--
  4. check the ram on the bottom of the unit. one of the ram cards could have walked lose.before you reset them pull the battery and power.
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