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Ok guys I need some help:
I've been having major issues with my new NP9170 / Clevo p170em with these specs since I got it:
Np9170 - i7 3610qm - GTX 675m - 8gb 1333mhz ram - 7200rpm HDD.

First off:
When I received the thing, I immediately installed all new windows updates, proceeded to install my games (diablo 2 and Star craft 2), and I immediately was greeted with BSOD from Starcraft.

I updated my graphics driver to the 301.32 beta drivers, huzzah it worked for a few days.

I took it to work and it froze while playing SC2, then rebooted it, but every time I tried to launch SC2, blue screened with NVLDDMKM.SYS as the cause. I read this is the Nvidia drivers.

Since then:
I've tried 301.34 beta driver, recovering to an earlier snapshot in windows recovery, reinstalling the stock driver (295.62), still getting BSOD when launching SC2.

I finally got fed up with trying to get this damn thing working after completely uninstalling all video drivers so only the VGA W7 driver is there, tried to reinstall video driver from Sager's website, same results, BSOD launching sc2 referring to NVLDDMKM.SYS.

I ended up re-installing windows last night, and I've got all the drivers re-installed, but I've been getting weird startup freezes since I installed the Hotkey software. I don't have SC2 with me to reinstall since I formatted, but I am pretty sure I can just run 3dMark11 to test the GPU while I'm at work today.

One problem I had: I wasn't able to install the WLAN driver yet. I'm going to go on Sager's forums to see if I can find it. WHen I tried the one on the disc it said I need to enable the device. I made sure it was enabled in device manager. Gonna go look for more drivers.

My last plea:
Can anyone please help me get this thing working properly? At the very least I'd like to know what to do to find out if this is a hardware issue with the video card itself. I ran a windows mem test and it went 1 pass with no fails so I don't think it's RAM.
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  1. RMA it.
  2. I am trying to avoid this at all costs =(
  3. Why ? it make take some time but at least you'll get a working machine.
    Also,you have tried everything I could think of and that's why I recommended RMA'ing it
  4. Ya... I'm getting to that point too. Just spoke with service at XoticPC and they're saying it's a premature driver issue. I just don't want to wait for the new driver, then have it still fail ya know.
  5. To quote Roland S at XoticPC:
    Me: Are you guys seeing errors on all the GTX 675m models you are releasing?
    Roland S: Yes. It's not a hardware issue though. It's a software issue. Nvidia just hasn't released the drivers yet.
    Me: And you're confident of that? Did Nvidia give an ETA?
    Roland S: I am cofident of that, yes. I have not heard of an ETA yet.
  6. OK,then wait for a new driver.Your laptop is still under warranty so waiting a little more,won't hurt
  7. Lol Nvidia told me they don't make the drivers for laptops. LOL. I had to call Sager support, which I emailed them a report of the problem. Let's see if the third company can make the charm work! lol
  8. Nvidia told you?! the guy you have talked to must have been drunk :D
  9. According to them - they send the GPU to the laptop manufacturers who then develop a driver based on it for their systems. Apparently then nvidia gets a copy or something?

    I dunno I'm fed up I've tried literally every single thing I can think of. If it aint a hardware issue then Sager better get their damn act together and get us a working driver. I can't use any of them.
  10. No,Nvidia makes both laptops and desktop GPU driver by themselves.
    Hope it gets fixed soon.
  11. As soon as drivers are available the knowledge of them will be released to our customers.


    Cedric S. - Xotic PC Service Department
    Service/Support Manager
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