Should I Buy: Asus R500VM-MS71

I'm looking to pick up a new laptop and wanted to get some opinions. I will use the laptop mostly for video streaming, occasional very light video editing, web surfing and rare gaming (specifically Diablo III).

This Asus seems appealing:

Any thoughts as to if it would be sufficient, my biggest concern is over it's ability to run Diablo III, I don't need top settings on it either.

Thanks in advance.
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    It will run Diablo 3 fine on at least Medium settings (probably some High). Asus tends to make a pretty reliable machine and the one you linked would certainly cover all of the needs you listed. My only observation as an owner and having played around on others is their keyboards can be a bit meh on some models.
  2. Quick and easy answer, thanks! I get lost in the conversion from desktop graphics cards over to laptop cards.

    I hear what you're saying about the keyboards on Asus', I have a 4 year old Asus that still runs great but it's keyboard was awful pretty much from day one.
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