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I need a graphic card that can receive CCTV camera video signal (via standard composite video input/output) then record the video into hardisk!
This card also need to provide a software that is able to record the video base on user setting. For example, the software will record the video and save it as a file (mpeg format) every hour, where a total of 24 files will be saved per day. In addition, this card will also be able to display the recoding video from CCTV on a TV (with TV output). The resolution need to be high also like 1024x768 ! Pls help ! Thanks !
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  1. For VIVO get an OEM VIVO enable card, like an HIS ATI R9000/9200, an ASUS R9200SE or an MSI based FX5200 card with VIVO.

    As for what you want to do with the video in, you need a specified program that will allow you to customize your recording for those intervals. That will be the harder part. The easy part is gettting the video to you rig.

    ASUS has this feature <A HREF="" target="_new">Video Security II</A>, not sure exactly what it does though.

    As for the output. 1024x768 will not output to just ANY TV, it'll have to be an HDTV, otherwise 640x480 is the standard video out output, especially on the coaxial-out (without line-doubling and compensation tricks) . And if you do send it out to an HDTV you will need to use the VGA/DVI connector to get the most out of the image.

    That's just my two frames worth.

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