System "Hesitates" After Period Of Inactivity

Hey guys,

80-90% of the time after going to use my computer after a brief period of inactivity (say 30 mins or so), it "hesistates" for a few seconds before working nomally again. This can best be described as clicking on start programs and not having them open, mp3's stuttering, IE not loading instantly, or the hard drive/mouse temporaily being unresponsive. It lasts no more than 10 or 20 seconds usually.

I know this might be normal if I had my hard drives set to spin down on inactivity or if hibernation was enabled, which it isn't. The only power setting I have is to turn off the monitor after about 15 mins, but that shouldn't affect anything else. The problem isn't a very big deal, but everyone on here is really on top of their game and I was wondering if you had any idea what does this.

I'm running XP Pro on an Athlon XP 1800 with 512MB of Crucial PC2700 memory. Thanks in advance for your comments...
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  1. Without having too much information, try defragmenting your hard drive and see if that changes the speed. Your response time doesn't sound too unlike what happens with me. I then will at least analyze my hard drive to see if it needs to be defragged. Don't go by percentages either, if you have more than about 200 files,chances are some of the ones you are accessing are slighly fragged, especially if you use them a lot.

    en Xristos
  2. Go into task manager "ctrl-alt-del" or "right click on taskbar plus select" and see processes tab and check whether some process is sucking the cpu %. CPU usage total should be near zero when machine just sits in one spot.
  3. use windows explorer. and right click on your c: drive.
    go to properties, and at the bottom you will see where it says the following...

    "Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching"
    take the check mark out of the box. click apply and wait for it to do it's thing.
    then reboot and let it sit. and see if that cures it.

    if there is acheck mark in the compress disk. remove that as well.

    that should help you out.
  4. Oh yeah hop on to computer table and kick the pc, dont forget to salute on the way down.

    Kicking it always seem to work but I am not sure why.
  5. Lest we not forget the old reliable 155mm Howitzer, and put one up where it's fan doesn't shine.
  6. You know if you turn the monitor off after 15 mins, the XP operating system knows you've left the machine alone, so it does all sort of wonderful Microsoft functions.

    Cheer up its only happening when you are not using the computer.
  7. Yeah, good old Thanks all for your input.
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