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Windows 7 internet slow

Hi, I just got a windows 7 computer, everything works fine, except, my internet is downloading at 40 KPS or lower? I tried everything I could find on the internet... Still not working, my speed test is at 2.6 MPS download, and 1.9 upload. It takes me about 10 minutes to download things under 10 MB? I tried Chrome to see if it is just IE, but still no change... I also tried different ethernet, and different computers on the same cord, still it is isolated to Windows 7 (my internet speed on my plan is 6 MPS download, forget upload). Any thing you guys can help me with? Win7 64 bit, I7 930 @ 2.80 (not oc'ed yet, got it a week ago) 6 gig DDR3 A-DATA
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  1. It sounds like the driver could be out of date. Try updating the ethernet driver via the computer manufacturer's website.
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    ^+1 and i would also run network trouble shooter to auto fix.
    Are you using a router of some sort?
    If so that could also be causing the problem.
    Unplug and try resetting your modem and router.
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