Acer will not power on if plugged in. must unplug, power on, plug back in

Acer Aspire 5520-5912 running windows 7.

Issue: Power On

My Acer is operating just fine. However, I can't figure out why I have to UNPLUG the power cord to power up the laptop.

Once power light comes on, I plug computer back in, works fine.
There are not any POWER ON settings in Contol Panel\Power Options that I can find.
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  1. Dude same thing happens to me too, I have a 5220 with same issue, regardless of operating system: had vista, installed 7 with no luck. When powerd off, I plug in the charger, nothing, it's dead - no light whatsoever. I unplug the charger and it boots up only at the second / third press of the power button.
    I posted somehow the same question yesterday but still no replies. I hope it's not the mobo.
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