Need help with windows 7 OEM disk

Hi all,

I just recently built a new system, but I'm having trouble installing Windows 7. I bought an OEM disk from newegg, and I set my computer to boot from my CD drive. Windows proceeds to load files...and then I'm presented with a command prompt. X:\windows\system32\cmd.exe

I was expecting to have a gui interface install (that's what I've seen previously). Any idea how to fix this/why I'm getting this command prompt instead of the traditional installation guide? Also, I can't throw any commands at the cmd...


FYI, I recycled a hard-drive that's had a previous version of windows on my first guess is to create a bootdisk and completely wipe everything, then try again.
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  1. Reboot and use custom install, go into disk tools and delete the partition and start again.
  2. I also answered this in your other posting of this question.
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