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Laptop overheating

my laptop is apparantly get ting temps of +80 degees C. Will changing thermal paste help
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  1. Depends. If the paste is fine, then no, you're not going to see much, if any, improvement. Changing the paste in a laptop is also a major pain in the ass, and not something I'd do unless I was damn sure I needed to.

    Is the laptop overheating while sitting in your lap? If so, you're probably blocking exhaust ports. If the laptop can't exhaust the hot air, it's going to overheat no matter what you've got cooling it.
  2. no i just keep it on my desk. i also checked my intake ports and they are all fine
  3. In that case it's probably the fan or thermal paste. I'm no expert in laptop repair, so I'm going to go ahead and bow out now, hoping somebody more experienced comes by.
  4. okay thanks bro
  5. hi i am sure that may be dust will stop that cooler fan air to not come out , just clean that dust and check that paste.
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    Had a similar problem with my aspire 5520. Got it this week with a broken screen yanked an old screen from a dead dell, works great, but graphics card was idling in the 90's. I removed the thermal pad, was able to bend the heatpipe a little so that the heatsink made better contact with my gpu. GPU temps dropped by about 30 degrees celcius. Sometimes temps on gpu goes to about 70 degrees celcius, but way cooler than 95. You may have luck with using copper shims between the heatsink and gpu/cpu. But bending the heatpipe did the trick for me along with new thermal paste. But be careful as you can break the heatpipe if you aren't careful.

    As suggested though, air dust the fan and ducts and you may see a good improvement.

    Example of copper shims
  7. thanks ill try that.
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