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I just installed Windows ME and like the new modern features i have a problem though when i try to shut the system down most of the time it comes up with the message windows protection error system must be restarted i have a Jetway 663AS Motherboard with the latest bios and it is annoying all the Scandisks i mean after restarting anybody any ideas ?
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  1. It seems like hardware conflict or bad drivers...
    Try to remove any PCI card(s) and and see what happens.
    It can also be the motherboard.. see if they have bios update or something...

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  2. Do you have a video card with an Nvidia Geforce2 cipset by any chance?

  3. Sure thing i have hercules prophet 2 gts with detonator 6.50 , via kt133 whith latest 4.28 4 in 1 drivers , directx8a, windows me ... etc

    you know the problem ?


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