Broken netbook LCD Screen?

Hello, i currently have a Acer Aspire One netbook with what i think is a broken screen...or it might just be a dislodged vga posting here to see if anyone know whether if it's a broken screen or a loose cable to make sure before i decide to take it to a computer shop to replace the screen or just open it up myself and reconnect the cables if that's the problem

so the netbook was in my laptop bag, and i accidently dropped the bag from about 3 feet off the floor and onto some wood...i heard the impact and immediately knew that something probably broke..

so when i now turn it on, everything is green and black and misplaced (windows logo in like the corner and stuff when it turns onto the start up screen), also whenever it gets to the regular desktop screen, its all black and you cant see anything

I tried plugging the netbook into a external monitor and its working 100% fine, which is why i think it might just be a loose vga cable resulting from the impact....can anyone help me out with this?? thanks in advance

edit: i also forgot to mention that the glass or screen didnt crack or anything, since there is only the problem with the screen being completely green/black and the screen not working when it gets to the main screen
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    Hi :)

    I own a lappy repair company...

    Its the screen or Inverter...

    Its NEVER the cable lol....everyone always hopes it is...but it never is...

    All the best Brett :)
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