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A Dell running XP Pro has lost its Volume icon in the task bar and no system sounds are being heard. The speakers are working and you can stiil hear music from Media Player. I've tried disabling and then re-enabling "Show icon in task bar" several times with shut downs in between, but no luck. Any idea what's going on and how to get the icon back and the system sounds working again?

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  1. No system sound but can hear music? MP3 or CD audio?

    run msconfig from your start menu and look at startup to enable system tray. Then reboot...
  2. Try un-installing the driver or device in device manager, it should then automatically re-install it.
  3. Try this:
    Right click on your Start button and go to properties.
    Click the Taskbar tab then click the Customize button. Then search for the Volume icon and left click it. A drop box should appear to the right, choose Always Show.
  4. So, how is it?
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