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I'm in the market for a laptop. I have a particular program I'd really like to keep using and I'm wondering if its compatible with Windows 7. The program is Invoices & Estimates Pro Version 7.2 currently running on my XP desktop. I contacted the Developer, Nova Development ans was told this version is not compatible with Windows 7 operating system and We do not have a version compatible with Windows 7 as of this time. I asked if there were any plans for an update or patch or if its possible running Windows7 Pro in XP mode and got the following response.

"We have not heard of any plans of upgrade for this software. If an update or a patch is available, it will be posted on our website. It has not been tested to work with XP mode in Windows 7 but you may try and check if that will work."

I Downloaded and ran the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and the program didn't appear in the list ?

Anyone have any experience running this software in Win7 ? Is it worth purchasing a notebook with Windows 7 Pro or would I have just as good of a chance using the compatability mode in Windows 7 Home ?

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  1. I do not have any experience with the software, however, most older programs designed for XP will work just fine using "XP Mode," which comes with Windows 7 Pro. Here's a bit of an over view on XP Mode:
  2. As I mentioned it has not been tested to work in XP mode, Are the chances good it will run with out issue ?
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