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Hello, I have been trying for hours and hours - sometimes getting different results - using hdmi to hdmi - toshiba laptop to sony TV - can't get it to recognize tv as a device then once in a blue moon it does pop up as a device - no matter what can't get anything to it....downloaded new driver just in case - that did not work. Toshiba is a satellite p305. Now sometimes when connected I can only see a blue screen with windows logo on my monitor and nothing else. uuuugh...no consistency and no answers....called toshiba - nothing...
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  1. what is your exact model of the 305
  2. Satellite P305-s8997e
  3. It has windows 7 32 bit on it and a dual video card but the card is not seeing the TV then all of a sudden it does but I can't get anything to it - it sees the TV actually when I turn it OFF...but again not consistently - very weird....
  4. check if you got all the driver for the card on toshibasee your user manual for more settings unable to have the user manual not available on toshiba also look at your cable for bent pins and see if tv is set to receive pc signal on hdmi
  5. checked no bent pins - downloaded the latest toshiba driver and downloaded something called a hdmi controller that does nothing....tv is set to the proper video 7 selection which the manual says is the hdmi connection in the back - I downloaded a copy of the manual but it has been pretty useless....uuugh....
    this link had some stuff that seemed useful but it lost me.....BUT it seemed to resolve for someone - I am having trouble following it...
  6. now what is happening is tv is off - plug in hdmi cord and my computer screen goes blue with a window icon on it and no selections
  7. follow it is describe the way to activate the hdmi on the system,do the same process he does on it,not having the user manual could not tel you where to look
  8. yeah trying but not working - if I have the tv plugged in I have no screen at all on my computer except for the windows icon - I have to unplug the TV or turn it ON to get my computer to work...LOL - CRAZY!!
  9. this is all my manual says and no other page reference:
    HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) is a standard in the
    CE Industry which allows devices to work together over an HDMI
    cable. Toshiba notebooks with HDMI-CEC include a Toshiba
    utility dedicated to take advantage of its capabilities which can
    allow you to:
    ❖ Use the TV remote control to output the computer screen onto
    the TV screen.
    ❖ Use the TV remote control to launch, operate and close
    applications on your computer.
    ❖ Turn on the TV when the HDMI output is selected using the
    Fn+F5 key.
    ❖ Switch the video output (HDMI or LCD) when executing
    certain desktop icons.
    ❖ Enable/Disable the HDMI-CEC function on the computer.
    For more detailed HDMI-CEC information visit
  10. and this which just says cycle the function 5 key - BUT with the cable in and tv off I have no screen at all to see anything....that is the strange thing
    The quickest way to change the display output settings is to use the
    display hot key (Fn + F5):
    1 While holding down Fn, press F5 repeatedly until the setting
    you want takes effect. Briefly pause each time you press the F5
    key to allow time for the display to change.
    This hot key cycles through the settings in the following order:
    ❖ Built-in display only
    ❖ Built-in display and external monitor simultaneously
    ❖ External monitor only
    ❖ Built-in display and TV (or other external video device)
    ❖ TV (or other external video device) only
    ❖ Built-in display and external monitor (extended desktop)
    ❖ Built-in display and TV (extended desktop)
    ❖ Swap—Switch primary display between internal display
    and external monitor when using extended desktop
  11. could you try to plug another monitor on that hdmi cable to see if it still do the same,i dont have another solution for the moment maybe forum members who have the same king of settings could find the answer
  12. sorry do not have - I did uninstall and re-install the driver again since I found that on a web site but it did not work...i am about to give up - but thanks for your time and attention to this
  13. i could not help you on this one my tv do not have the hdmi
  14. do i just sit and wait and see if someone looks at this or is there another place I should be putting it on this site? i will assume just wait and see if anyone else hits this thing :) thanks so much
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