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i am a student studying web development so that doesnt really narrow down any laptops. I have looked @ and considered an ASUS Zenbook the top price i decided to spend on a zenbook was around 1300 but i would like you to show me some other options that i have. My wants/expectations include:

under 1000
long battery
intel processor

please offer me the best laptop possible and also let me know what you think of the zenbook idea
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  1. Lenovo Thinkpad X220 with the IPS display.

    This laptop has better build quality than a typical ultraportable, and it offers a much better display. The IPS display provides near-180-degree viewing angles so that the picture doesn't wash out when the display is tilted, and it has very good contrast.

    To get the best discount on this laptop, you'll have to create a free Barnes n' Noble Gold account. Do so on this page, and log in once you've created the account.

    Then navigate here, start with the cheapest base model, and add the IPS display upgrade which is branded as the "Premium" display on the upgrade page.

    Important: Don't skip the IPS display upgrade, neither for budget-related reasons nor to trade it out for another upgrade. The reason to get the IPS display is not only because of how good the IPS display is, but also because of how poor the stock display is.

    The successor (X230) is due out soon, but it is uncertain whether it will have the same discount.
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