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So Long 9800XT

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January 7, 2004 6:56:07 PM

It was fun while it lasted. Off to Best Buy to get my money back. Installed my old TI4200 ton of dust when I cleaned the vid fan. Waiting for new cards.

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January 7, 2004 10:37:02 PM

I did the same with my 9800 Pros (NPs flashed).
Very fast cards though, the smoothness in every game no matter what comes onscreen is really cool. I could get the same result with any high end card (59xx).

I just wasnt using their power at all playing games like Simpsons hit and run, COD and One Must Fall Battlegrounds.
I'm buying the latest and greatest when I have a game that wont play well (at my res, 1024x768) without an upgrade.

I've tried to end my obsession with waiting on and setting up my PC for HL2 and Doom3.. theres games that are (probably) better out today (COD) that I can enjoy now!
My GF4 is a 128mb model so hopefully it will be able to hold off some of the games using larger textures coming out.

Yeah, thats right. I support the NV/AMD/IBM axis of evil.
January 7, 2004 10:37:33 PM

Yup, I'm doing the same thing. You have until the 24th though to return the card.

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January 7, 2004 10:43:13 PM

I'm looking at buying a 21"/22" monitor so I definitely have to wait until HL2 comes out for the greatest videocard so that I can play it at an awesome resolution on that monitor. (see CRT section if you have any info on big CRTs)

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January 7, 2004 11:40:57 PM

You give me $99 and I'll take it off your hands.

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January 8, 2004 12:10:31 AM

When I bought the card in Dec thet said you have two weeks too return it. But the cashier said you have two weeks after Christmas to return it.
January 8, 2004 12:12:49 AM

Whoever buys the 9800XT I returned today. I OCed it. Do you think anyone will notice?
January 8, 2004 4:16:54 AM

Did you decide against it due to no games being out? Regret wasting your money in it?

p4 2.8 533fsb
intel mobo
1gb rdram pc 800
radeon9800 pro
120gb seagate s-ata
January 8, 2004 4:17:15 PM

$535 US with tax. But at least I owned it for awhile. Time new cards are out maybe can find 9800Pro for $200 US.
January 8, 2004 4:18:46 PM

2.4C Oced to 3.0 Hyperx PC 3500 2X512. 2000PRO. Abit IS7 mobo.