How do you Install a new Video Card?

I'm buying tomorrow an ATI Radeon 9600XT 128mb and replacing my old gforce3 ti200 64mb.
I've never changed a VC, how do I do it?
Do I just pop out the old one and pop in the new one and install the drivers on the cd? and what do I do with the drivers from the old video card? do I leave them there? or do I get rid of them before or after I install the new one? and how do I get rid of them if I have to?
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  1. You pop in the new one, remove the old one's drivers (with <A HREF="" target="_new">Detonator R.I.P.</A>) and install these drivers (<A HREF="!" target="_new">Catalyst 3.10</A>)

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  2. Assuming winxp

    1. Go to your control panel and uninstall your detonator drivers for your nvidia card.
    2. Get detonator destroyer or something comparable to remove all and any traces of those drivers.
    3. Shut down your PC
    4. Install the new card.
    5. Restart and install the new Catalyst drivers

    If you have any issues, your best bet is a fresh install of windows and fresh drivers. Honestly, I would do this no matter what but if you want to try doing this without a fresh copy of windows that's your call. The nvidia drivers are difficult to remove and do cause problems for ati cards.

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  3. cool thanks.
    I would formatt my pc, but I have never done it lol, no Idea how to install windows.
  4. I have a feeling you will get many responses to this and from reading a recent thread a few minutes ago started by Hobbit, I'd say don't do it the way he does it.
    (LOL sorry, I am new to these forums but couldn't resist after the laughs I just had.)

    By all means uninstall the old Nvidia drivers either through the Add/remove programs in control panel, or better yet one of the other programs that destroy the old drivers. Do not just remove your old card, pop in the ATI card, and install the ATI CD. Could start a nightmare for you and you may be returning the ATI card as defective as some people do, when it is just a driver conflict. :)

    Please some of you who got on Hobbits case about his upgrade woes, help this guy out with a link to the nvidia driver removal tools he should use.

    Also the 9600XT is so new that the drivers on the ATI CD are fine. When you buy an older card though, I suggest downloading the latest drivers and not using the install CD.

    edit: I see they already helped. :)

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  5. Wow, that's a lot more complete than mine...Ladic, follow what he said.

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  6. *crosses finger* hope my PC doesn't get fudge up.
  7. It shouldn't....but nVidia drivers are beast to remove sometimes.

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  8. Also, how do you cross a finger?? Double jointed in the fingers or something? J/K, I know what you meant.

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