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HI guys, this is my first post on this forum, so please stick with me.

I have a problem with my graphics card. I belive its over heating.

Firstly it is a Asus Gforce 4Ti 4600-8x AGP (not sure about the 4600 bit, as im posting from in college))but i know the rest is correct. Basicly about 3 months ago i brought a new motherboard, as my old one, (will post details of it later if requested) died, i belive from heat. I now have a Gigabite (damn i hate not having details, will also post these later) which is basicly running fine, except when i try to run any games on it. I have run DirectX diag, and it runs Direct Draw fine, them most of the time it can also run Direct3D, but some times this has some weird effects, such as the box displayed changes shape, or normally, i get lots of yellow dots all over the screen.

This also happens in most games, Star wars galaxy stars up fine,but after about 5seconds, while in the intro, the screen starts to distort and strech. It then crashes the whole PC if i leave it.

The machine is a 2500+ Barton XP, 512DDR, 2x80GiG hdd's, q-tec 400w Gold Connection Duel Fan.

It now runs a cancer research project 24/7, and the temp is a constant 48c. I use motherboard monitor to check the temps. I do have some extra fans one is mounted on the back, one is on the case. The cpu kooler is a Cooler Master Aero 7+.

If anyone can either confirm the card is overheating, or even better, give me some advice on how to stop it overheating. I will be so very greatful.

To be done.
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  1. Welcome to the forum! Have you tried taking the side off the case and also using a fan to blow air in for cooling to see if that clears it up (thus indicating it is a haet problem)?

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  2. I know its heat, due to the fact that when i placed my hand near to my card, it was burning hot.

    Also, i do have two system fans blowing into and outof the case, One on the side of the case blowing in, one above the card, blowing out.

    Would it be worth it to try and direct the fans at the card?

    Also as its a new motherboard, i haven't actually looked @ the AGP voltage, could it be that this is too high / will lowering it help with a heat problem or just cause more problems?


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