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I've had some problems with my computer for awhile. When playing games the computer has just restarted itself or I've got a blue screen. I put the computer by the window and opened it, the games did not lock the computer anymore. So I figure it must be a problem with overheating. I've got 2 germans and one other guy having the same problems with the same card, ASUS nVidia Ti4200, in my case model V8420S. The last mentioned guy says he fixed his problems and that it was overheating that caused it. He hasn't replied on what he did to fix it. I'm no hardware-pro so can you give me any tips on how to cool down the graphics card? I have my chassi open but the problem is still there, it isn't enough.

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  1. You have to pump air through that mofo. AIRFLOW IS KEY.

    Get two case fans... put one bringing air in in the front of the computer under all of the drives, then put one forcing air out under the power supply in the rear.

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  2. So is there any special brand/model we're talking here? And size of the fans.
  3. Ive heard alot of overheating issues with the ASUS ti4200 models. Most just put a 80mm fan blowing on the HSF.

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  4. First thing I'd do is make sure there isn't a PCI card in the next slot down, they interfere with airflow to the card.

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  5. Depends on your case. Most use an 80mm fan. If your case doesn't have anywhere to mount an exhaust fan, one of these pci slot fans can move alot of air out the back of the case. Place it in the empty slot right under your video card (PCI slot 1)

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