HELP Dell Studio 1745 with a bad MoBo, Upgrade to a 1747?

Hi, I have a dell studio 1745 with a bad video. Replacement 1745 boards are in the $200.00 range. I found a few 1747 motherboards that are refurbished by Dell for a great price of $66.00 plus shipping
From what I have been able to track down, it seems the motherboard is almost exactly the same. The cases are the same, so a upgrade board is easy to install, the only differences seem to be that I need a new CPU and the CPU Cooling heat sink.

Looking for Cost on e-Bay it seems I can wind up with a I7 1747 for less money than simply buying a repaired motherboard.

Any and all responses are welcome...

Al :o
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  1. its hard to tell if it will be compatible. since they use the same case there is a probability it will work . make sure to run a clean copy of windows after replacing motherboards
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