Cpu upgrade on a Toshiba laptop

Hello everyone, my laptop model is an A305D-S6848, it has a 2.0Ghz Tl-60 Turion 64 x2 processor in it (Trinidad series) and I would like to replace it with a 2.4Ghz Tl-68 Tyler series cpu. Both of the processors use the same S1 socket and have the same Ht speeds of 800mhz; and support the same ddr2 memory speeds, but the Tl-60 has F2 stepping, while the Tl-68 has G1 and G2 steppings. I already updated the bios, but is this upgrade possible?
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  1. Hello SuperMario64;

    Can you find any instances of anyone that's already successfully done that upgrade?
    Emailing Toshiba is a good idea too.
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