Ivy Bridge laptops

When will the Ivy Bridge laptops be available?

What are some good links for information on them?

Where's the cheapest place to purchase them?
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  1. I hope Intel will make the necessary adjustments with the laptop CPU's to fix the heat issue. That wouldn't be very smart on Intel's part to allow laptops to over heat.

    Ivy Bridge proven to suffer from poor thermal grease
  2. Available now. What's your budget?

    IVB only has a heat issue when overclocked - something not an issue with notebooks.
  3. check this out
    it will by far be the best bang for your buck.
    Look at the Sager notebooks on there.
  4. Excellent, thanks!

    I would say the budget is around $800. I did just find the HP Pavilion dv7 Quad Edition 3rd Gen Core i7 Ivy Bridge 17.3" 1080p w/ Blu-ray for $899.99

    There's quite a few laptops to chose from at xoticpc, wow.

    I thought that with the new Ivy Bridge CPU's that the battery life would be much better than 2 hours though. I'm a bit disappointed with 2 hour battery life.

    I've never had a laptop before - I'm trying to help my mom who really does need one to replace her old desktop from 2004. I'd say mostly for traveling and just an all around laptop. So, a 15.6 HD screen is fine 17 max and even an i3 or i5 with Intel's HD4000 integrated graphics is fine - do laptops even come with the HD4000 GPU? I just want to get her into something that's new so she'll be future proof from awhile - something good enough that she'll want to keep for a long time.
  5. All the notebook IVBs will have HD 4000 graphics.

    Where did you see 2hr battery life? 6hr should be about average for a non-gaming model.
    HP Pavilion dv6 Quad Edition specs: 6 Cell Lithium Ion Battery - Up to 6.0 hours of battery life +++

    For a general home office/home entertainment notebook one of the dual core IVB or quad core Trinity APUs should be about right.
  6. WR2, at the xoticpc website most of them say 2 hour battery life, which I thought was a bit odd.

    Is there a difference between a Notebook and a Laptop?
  7. josejones said:

    Is there a difference between a Notebook and a Laptop?

    Same difference.

    Similar to the game of soccer. It is only called soccer in the US, in the rest of the world it is called football.
  8. josejones said:
    WR2, at the xoticpc website most of them say 2 hour battery life, which I thought was a bit odd.
    Not for a custom, dedicated gaming notebook.
    There you are looking mostly at custom gaming notebooks.

    If you look at some of the other models they offer you'll see longer battery life:
    Those models there are still using Sandy Bridge CPUs. Next month, when the dual core IVBs start arriving you'll see some of those models offering them.
  9. Okay, I just realized the Ivy Bridge laptops won't be coming out 'til June. I'll try to get my mum to wait until then if I can. She almost bought a cheap one the other day.
  10. Envy Spectre XT available around June 8th for about $1000.
  11. More info: http://www.engadget.com/2012/05/08/hp-envy-spectre-xt-ultrabooks-sleekbooks/

    Make note of the $800 HP Envy Ultrabook Available on the 9th of May

    What price range are you looking at?
    What are some of the other features you're looking for?
  12. The budget is around $800 up to $1,000 (US).

    It's for mum so, she may not spend $1,000 but, I wanted to get her into something worth having. She's not a gamer of course but, features that are future proof as much as possible would be sweet like USB 3, sata 3, PCIe 3 and I'd like for her to have at least a 720 screen but a 1080 would be great. I was also really hoping for long battery life for traveling. This laptop will become her only computer since the old desktop is about to die. She needs an all-around decent laptop that won't soon be outdated.

    She went to Best Buy and the guy mentioned these to her, what do ya think?:

    Lenovo model 1068b9u

    HP model g61d62nr
  13. I like the Lenovo quite a bit bette than the HP G6
    Lenovo G570 Review

    I couldn't find a Llano equipped HP G6 review. Here are a couple reviews - you can use them to look over the chassis and common features.

    In the same general price & size range this would be my recommendation if you were buying today:
    HP ProBook 4530s $465
    The business class notebook should be a bit more rugged/durable.
    And the matte/anti-glare screen is a nice bonus for outdoor (in the shade) or coffee shop / cafe web browsing.

  14. ^ Thanks WR2, I'll check those out.

    Here's the latest article on the Ivy Bridge laptops:

    Core i7-3720QM: Ivy Bridge Makes Its Mark On Mobility
  15. Weren't there suppose to be some new laptops/notebooks coming out this week with the new Ivy Bridge CPU's?
  16. Dunno... I think they are generally coming out by mid-June.

    Personally, I'm waiting for Haswell CPU laptops to come out, but that's probably not for at least another 12 - 15 months.
  17. Some of the IVB dual core models started showing up on Saturday.
  18. I just wanted to post this article here so I wouldn't forget about it or lose it.

    Second-Generation Ultrabooks: Faster And Cheaper With Ivy Bridge
  19. Which is best an Ivy Bridge laptop or a new ipad? I've never had either before but, I have to help my mum by picking something out for.
  20. Depends on the intended usage. Personally I find an iPad (or any tablet) to be more of a toy than in comparison to a laptop. That is mostly due to the fact that with a laptop running Windows I can run the same types of programs as on my desktop. Additionally, should I want to play games the games I purchase for my desktop can technically be played on the laptop as well. However, playing games on a laptop means lowering game settings to get decent / good performance since graphic cards for laptops are weak in comparison to their desktop counterparts.

    iPad / tablets are good for consumption rather than productivity. Consumption includes watching video, surfing the net, typing the occasional e-mail, play some simple games (compared to more complex types of games on a PC; generally speaking), listening to music. I'm sure there are plenty of other things it can do...

    While it is possible to be productive using a tablet, it is also very limited in my opinion. For example, using a tablet to type a quick e-mail is one thing. Using it to write a term paper is quite another; yes it can be done if you have no other choice, but a laptop is more ideal. You can use it to track appointments. I'm sure there are some other productive things you can do with an iPad/tablet, but since I don't own one, I suppose I will never find out.

    Make your choice based on what your mom wants to do with a "portable device".
  21. ^ Very well said, jaguarskx. That's exactly what I needed to hear since I've never had a laptop or any ipad/ipod/iphone devices whatsoever.

    I suppose it could depend upon how easy the ipad operating system is to learn & get used to i.e. how user friendly it is. She's used to Windows XP so, Win 7 would be fine. I guess she needs to get down to Best Buy to get her hands on an ipad for herself to play around with it to see what she thinks.

    She's retired & just wants something easy to tote around for traveling and either would work for that. Battery life would be a factor. Since the laptop is far more powerful it sounds like a new laptop (such as an Ivy Bridge) would last longer before she'd need to upgrade or get a new one??? She doesn't really do much that's really intensive though so an ipad could work & so would a laptop by AMD with the APU. She'll probably get something around Xmas time.
  22. Laptops typically lasts 4 - 5 hours with light usage. The generally means just typing. Maybe some occasional web surfing can be done as well. Watching movies can cut that down by 1 or 2 hours depending on the source of the movie. If watching a DVD or Blu-Ray movie then the optical drive needs to be spining all the time so there will be high battery drain. Watching a streaming movie from Netflix or Hulu means the wireless modem will be constantly active. I assume battery drain will be somewhat high. Watching a movie that's on the hard drive probably drains the least amount of battery life, but will still likely cut down the battery life by 1 hour.

    Ultrabooks can have battery life of up to 8 hours or more. They are fairly light, but not as light as an iPad. The lightest Ultrabook probably weighs in at 2.9lbs. They have no DVD or Blu-Ray drive and uses solid state drives rather than hard drives. They can be quite expensive.

    I think an iPad/tablet will be more ideal for your mom than a laptop. At around 1lbs. +/- some ounces based on whatever you decide to get her, it should be easy to fit into a medium size handbag. As long as she is not going to be working on spreadsheets and typing long documents, then a tablet of some sort should be fine.
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