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alright so im looking at a dell inspiron 15r n5110 15.6" with an i7, 500gb hdd, and 6gb ram, however it is being sold at a small local computer store and they do no know if it has the nvidia gt 525 m

i have looked it up and every single dell inspiron 15r that i have discovered with the i7 has the gt 525m and most with the i5 have it and barely any of the i3's have it, but i just want to make sure that all of the i7's actually do have the gt 525m on the inspiron 15r n5110 series

also dells website does not appear to have any models with the i7 on their site

thanks in advance
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  1. ask if they can downlode pc wizzard (Listparts) or cpuz (list parts)
  2. Get the service tag number off the bottom (will look something like SNFCPV01) then go to, go to System Configuration (on left, 3rd down under Product Support), put in the service tag and it will tell you EXACTLY what that laptop originally shipped with.
  3. What is the price of this Dell Insprion 15R, and is it a requirement that you buy from this local computer store?

    If the price is higher than $700 or so, and you are not limited to this computer store, then I would not recommend buying it. The Dell Inspiron 15R has a very poor display, which is 15.6" with 1366x768 resolution, and it is easy enough to find a laptop that has both a better display and a faster GPU for close to that price. I also very much dislike the aesthetics of the Inspiron 15R, but they may be fine in your eyes.

    15.6" 1366x768 displays limit multitasking and productivity because they make things onscreen large, and they tend to have poor image quality due to low contrast. I do not recommend this type of display to those who have a budget that allows them to get a laptop that has a better display and at the same time suits their needs, and who don't require large text for eyesight-related reasons.

    HP DV6-6C53NR (i5-2450M, Radeon 7690M, 15.6" 1920x1080 matte display) - $799 (unsure if tax applies) - Make sure that you go into the BIOS and change the switchable graphics settings from DYNAMIC to FIXED.

    Sager NP3260 (i5-2450M, GT 630M, 15.6" 1920x1080 glossy display) - $842 no tax - Upgrade the display to 1920x1080; Select "Windows 7" under the configuration option labeled "Operating System"
  4. its $489.... it was a dell that never got picked up from the original person who ordered it so its a discount (original $649), im going to go back in a couple days to ask for the service tag number and check their website
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