Best Laptop for around $500.00 Photo editing

I play no games, doesnt have to be portable. Just photo storage/editing etc. Don't need a huge battery. I've used Toshiba's in past and like but so many different models/cpus etc out now. What do you guys recommend?
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  1. This one has great battery life and a fantastic GPU with superior image quality than any Intel-based offering in that price range:
  2. Was just informed fron the wife it needs to be a 17" sorry didnt know. That will probably have to raise my budget as well.
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    Not by too much:
    TOSHIBA Satellite Pro L770 17" Notebook $500
    Core i3 2310M 2.10GHz CPU, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD, 17.3" 1600x900 w/ HD Graphics 3000

    The 1600x900 resolution will let her see more of the pictures on screen and won't need as much scrolling around to see the whole picture.
  4. I bought an Acer Aspire AS7750G-6444 last Fall.

    I added a 7200rpm 500gb HDD, and a total of 8GB of RAM. Its got an i5 and a gaming video card and a 17" LED screen. Are you interested? Send a pst.
  5. I think the Dell D630 Latitude will be the best option for you. It's pretty fast and very economical.
  6. Dell D630 Latitude? That's a 2007 year notebook.
  7. But it's still in fashion. trust me. you can read the specs.
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  9. Thanks WR2, I didnt even see that on Newegg, even after you linked it, tried searching....only way i see if is if I click that link, you sure its legit? Or do you get some special ads all the time?
  10. It's as legit as NewEgg.
    You'll like the 2yr warranty when you get around to noticing that.

    Compare with the Toshiba website - you could find a slightly better deal - possibly.
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