Windows 7 Startup Programs won't start

It happened 5 days ago. I got the following programs started automatically,

* Panda Internet Security 2010
* Synaptics Touchpad
* HP Wi-Fi Bluetooth Manager

Now, none of them start. Instead, I have to start them manually everytime Windows starts.

Moreover, if I go to the task manager just after the startup, there are only a handful of processes going on.

Thats ALL the programs that I get after the Windows startup. I'm using Windows 7 32-bit Home Premium and my PC is a Compaq CQ60 notebook. I scanned the hell out of my PC with Panda but nothing was detected.

Please help me find a solution for this startup problem. Thxx
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  1. If you click on the start menu> all programs> startup, do the programs show up there? If not, right click on the startup folder in the start menu and select open all users. Then find the exe of the program you want to start, create a shortcut of it and place it in the startup folder.

    Odd though that they stopped all of a sudden. Any recent system changes made?
  2. Yes I do see ALL the programs in the start menu. I dont think that is the problem I got.
  3. Click start --> run
    type "msconfig" and hit enter

    click startup on the top tabs and there should be a list of programs with tick boxes to choose what is installed and configured to start when windows does.
  4. I'm betting your programs are also going to show up in msconfig. Okay another question. When you start the computer, in the notification on the bottom right, is there a notification icon that says Windows has blocked some programs from starting?
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