Could someone tell me what this is?

Hello THForum,

I found something on my netbook (packard bell dot s) and would like to know what it is?

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  1. broken links
  2. https - that's a secure website. Those type links won't work for us.

  3. First one looks like the WiFi card bay.
  4. Not sure what is going on there. A WiFi card should look something like this.

    You should be able to read the make/model of card even after it's installed.
  5. samuelspark said:
    broken links

    The links should be fixed now :)

    Also, a netbook already has a netbook card built in? Why would someone install a second one?
  6. Is this a mpci-e slot?
  7. Some netbooks can be made 3G-compatible (using a cell phone data plan) by adding a card. That card could use that particular slot, among other interfaces.

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    wlan module a 3g module page 47 to 51
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