Windows 7 goes black after a few minutes

I'm not sure if this is a software of hardware problem, so I'll just post it here...

My system is:
Amptron Motherboard (low-end)
E5200 processor
2 GBs of RAM

Whenever my computer starts Windows 7, it will enter for a while (a few seconds to a few minutes), and then the screen will go black.
At this moment also, my mouse acts as if it loses power (the blinking lights go out)
My keyboard also acts as if it loses power (The Numlock or Capslock light will go out)
But, the system is not shut down, because the processor fan is still running, the LED lights still on, etc.
My monitor will say No Signal Found

If I press a keyboard key, let's say the Capslock key, the monitor starts again, as if aroused from a deep sleep.
The screen will be at the log in
I'll click my account, and I'll be into Windows again, with precisely the same condition (same programs open) as when the screen went black.

After a while (a few seconds until a few minutes), the same thing will happen. The screen will go black, my peripherals seems to lose power, but my computer still running. Hitting a keyboard key will bring me back to the log-in screen.

After a few cycles like this, the computer can decide to shut itself down.

At first I thought this has to do with my power plans. But I've put the Sleep to Never, and the Shut Hard Disk to never, and this still occurs.

I'm really not sure if this is hardware or software. This is very strange. I'm not a junkie, but I'm not a newbie either. I know my way around computers, I've built quite a few, but this is the first time I've seen something like this.

If anybody can shed some light on this, I'll greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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    Did this computer work properly before W7 instalation? did you clean install or upgrade?
    Do you have the latest video card drivers, check the makers website for latest version.
    If all else fails try reinstalling W7.
  2. I clean installed the Windows 7, RC 7100
    It was working ok previously, but I really did not have time to test it out much
    I installed it with a different memory stick

    As for drivers, the audio driver is not installed. But from my experience, this should not cause such problems, just that I can't use my audio. But I might be wrong.

    Well, right now, I'm installing Windows 7 all over again and the good news is: so far so good. No hiccups yet. I'll post again if there's any problem.
  3. Maybe you have it in some extreme energy saving mode. Turn off all of the power saving options.
  4. When the PC worked, was it with a different OS?

    The PC is apparently going quickly to "Sleep". Are you certain you have set Sleep to "Never" in the Power option you are actually using?

    Is your mobo compatible with Win7?

    Is there a home page for Amptron?
  5. It was working with Windows 7 before, but for such a brief period of time, so maybe the problem just had not appeared.

    Well, when I reinstalled Windows 7, and also Linux, it works fine now. So, the best answer is probably reinstalling Windows.

    I was sure that the "Sleep" was set to never.

    Anyway, thanks guys, for all the input and help. Wiping the whole system again always seems to be the sure way to do it, provided it's not a hardware problem.
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