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Hello, I just purchased an asus laptop top with windows 7 64bit and the autoplay isn't working anymore. It was working the first few days but now it doesn't work at all for the cd/dvd drive. It works for a flash drive but just not the cd/dvd drive. It happened after I burned the asus laptop backup. Ive done everything I've looked at the registry keys, the shell program is running and on automatic start. Im not sure what has happened and why I will work for other media and not the drive...
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  1. Start\Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Autoplay

    Hit reset to default and ensure "Use Auoplay" is ticked.

    May need a reboot for it to take effect.
  2. done it many times. I restored it to the first day I got it and it's working again. I don't know what happened but Im checking everytime i install a new program...
  3. Some security software does this to stop nasties from running from USB pen drives and get a bit carried away and stops everything.
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