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Will i see any performance increase upgrading to windows 7 64bit from vista 32bit?

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  1. It will feel snappier, at least it did for me.

    What are your system specs?...
  2. Im running a Q9450 at 3.4, GTX 285, 4GB ram, 750w PSU, Asus rampage formula all inside a Cosmos S case.

    I ve been reading that people have been getting 20 fps boosts when using windows 7 in certain games, are the drivers that good?
  3. Personally I think Win 7 is that much better and more effecient than Vista. Your hardware deserves a better OS. If you are looking to do an upgrade I would install Win 7. It is what Vista was suposed to be when it came out...
  4. Yeh i dont like the RAM thing with vista its such a leach, well im gna see if i can get a windows 7 for cheap, isnt there an upgrade scheme where i trade in my copy of vista?
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    I'm only aware of the upgrade option with a new system preloaded with Vista and you get a voucher for an upgrade or discount on Win 7.

    If you're a student at a college you can get a discount so I hear.

    That's really the only discounts I'm aware of. You can get a new OEM copy for around 99.99.
  6. Hi weehamish - Here is the pricing for the upgrade from Vista to Windows 7. The chart will also help you compare features across different editions of Windows 7, so you can choose which is right for you -

    And, yes, if you happen to be a student, the student pricing is the way to go! You can get Windows 7 for $64.95 -

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  7. Nice one my mothers a student ;) also im english so the pricing over here will probly be £65 :\ which is like $45 im gna have to ask her to see how much she can get it for.

    One more question, how many pcs can i load it onto? i mean my bro would pay half if i can load it on his pc too?


    Hmm just checked the windows website and its £149.99 for the basic edition :\ i hope its £65 for the student discount lol
  8. Unfortunately, Its 1 pc per license. I have seen 3 pack disk sets but you arent going to get a better price that way. Your best bet is to try to somehow get 2 student purchases, thats the best price option at this point...
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