Guess who the manufacturer is...

I am an idiot. I thought this ad was for a Radeon 9700 Pro built by ATI, not powered by ATI. Although I will say that I think ad is slightly misleading.

<A HREF="" target="_new">Misleading ad</A>

I especially find the part saying, "Only Products designed and built by ATI offer: ..." to be deceiving. I guess you're just supposed to know that this product is not, in fact, built by ATI and therefore nothing below that line applies.

Now I get to waste money on shipping and a restocking fee to send back a Power Color card that I thought was an ATi card. What fun!
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  1. 'd have more sympathy for you if "powecolor" wasn't so promenantly shown on the page... :wink:

    Hey, Powercolor isn't that bad you know. I RMA'd a card to them once and they sentr me a new one quick. And the new one has stayed strong and modded to a 9500 PRO!

    So they aren't the satan of video cards or anything.

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  2. They changed the page! I was looking at this card a few days ago and it said "Manufacturer: ATI"!!!

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  3. This suprises me a bit as Googlegear has always been great to deal with for me. Newegg is great too but they charge tax in NJ now. Do a search on zipzoomfly for Radeons and over 60 products come up. Usually POWERCOLOR is listed in the product heading, so I'd say that this seemed a little harder to catch even though it is listed as the Manufacturer.

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