What's a good laptop capable of playing HD (720p/1080p) content?

I currently have an old Acer Netbook that seems like it's on its last legs, and I'm looking to get just a cheap $300-$500 laptop that will be able to handle HD (720p/1080p) content. My netbook is okay with handling SD content for now, but I've noticed whenever I download any HD content from the Zune Marketplace or iTunes the content seems to lag and not keep up. Same with streaming HD over Netflix/Hulu/HBO Go.

I'm just looking for a laptop that's not too expensive, but would able to play HD Content from all (or most) of those sources, without the lagging, and freezing that I currently get. Oh, and just an FYI, I never thought my netbook could handle it or anything, in fact, I kenw it wouldn't before I purchased, but now that it's dying and I need to upgrade, I figure I'll try and find something that can handle HD content.

Anyway, would something like this be capable of playing HD Content:
Or would I still need something better than that? Not that laptop exactly, but a laptop of similar specs. I have seen both Asus and HP laptops with the same specs, for around $350-$450, so I would most likely get one of those.

If that wouldn't be enough, hardware wise, could you suggest a laptop that would be?

Thanks for any help!
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  1. Any laptop that has a screen resolution of 1920x1080 (1080p) can handle the content you are looking to watch.

    Your needs are not memory, CPU or GPU intensive.
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