please help me with my MIDI settings in FLstudio 4

Hey ppl
I'm having trouble setting up my souncard's MIDI settings in fl studio 4. Currently I cant even hear midi files in FLS4?
My souncard is the audigy 2 platinum ex and i will list my current settings below and inderline the ones i have chosen? i'm not sure i have chosen the right settings though?

Output Port Mapping
Microsft MIDI Mapper Port ---
SB Audigy Synth A (A000) Port ---
SB Audigy Sw Synth (A000) Port 1
SB Audigy Synth B (A000) Port 2
SB Audigy MIDI Port (A000) Port 3
SB Audigy MIDI Port 2 (A000) Port 4
Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth Port ---

Master Sync Output

Microsft MIDI Mapper Port
SB Audigy Synth A (A000)
SB Audigy Sw Synth (A000)
SB Audigy Synth B (A000)
SB Audigy MIDI Port (A000)
SB Audigy MIDI Port 2 (A000)
Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth

Remote Control Input

SB Audigy MIDI Port (A000)
SB Audigy MIDI Port 2 (A000)

Controller Type

(generic controller)
Peavey StudioMix
Tascam US-428

[O] Auto Accept Contoller

Then under Audio im using: (dont think it should really matter)


SB Audigy ASIO 24/96 (A000)

ASIO Streaming Buffer

ASIO Buffer Latency 500 ms
Buffer Length 32768 samples 341ms


Sample Rate(Hz) 96000


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  1. Sorry, been away too long. Just not enough time anymore.

    You've got plenty of MIDI paths, but you have to tell the software which path to take. Sending it to a MIDI out won't do any good unless your using a keyboard as a sound module. You need to pull up the file you want to play and see which port it's getting directed to. BTW, I find M$ MIDI mapper to be a waste when you can just go direct to where you need to go.

    Your audio setting will only matter when using soft synths. Using ASIO settings is definately the right step, though.

    Hope this helps.

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