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Hi, im trying to install a new HSF on my 256xt, and I noticed the fan it came with had a 3 prong cable, to fit the 3 prong plug on the card.....

I noticed the fan I am installing only has 2. Am I screwed?
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  1. I think not. One of them should be for speed, usually shown as a yellow wire.

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  2. Thats what it looks like. Though I dont know if it is a good idea using a fan intended for the pro series with the XT.

    I'll know tomorrow, when I fire it up. Oh well, anything happens, back to compusa it goes! :D
  3. Do the ends look the same? Does one just have one less wire, but the same number of pins? If they look like different ends do not try it!! I have seen the result, and it aint pretty. It's a dead short on mobo and video card. It's a system killer.
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