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Hello,Im looking for a cheap gaming PC
Where could i find one.
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  1. There are no good gaming laptops at that price. In the 5-600 dollar range, allthough you may find one to enable gaming at low settings
  2. Yes there are, i mean they won't be playing BF3 on High or anything or even SKyrim but they can do SOME decent gaming. I bought my dad a 579 laptop on with a 540m which is enough for low on most games...anything more than that and you'll have to shell out another 200 bucks
  3. Check out the new AMD chips coming up, I think they are bringing out a Llano based series where the chip has an integrated gpu, then there is the gpu on the mainboard, if I understand right, they are starting to crossfire those chips. So those type machines might be a good bet for the price range.
  4. Ditto on looking at a Trinity based system. Sometimes, you can snag some good deals at the Dell outlet or Cowboom.
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