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I was wondering what you guys think of this system. (Understand: I am getting the MB with the processor... it's a retail package deal im getting)I don't really plan to OC, so i've heard the board is good if you're not.

Intel P4 3.0
Intel P865gbfl
1gb(2x512mb) pc3200 dual channel compatible samsung ram
80gb western digital 8mb cache(special edition) hard drive
ATI radeon 9800 pro 128mb Vid card
X-superalien case w/500w P.S.

Thank you for any help-suggestions on how this could be a better comp for gaming.
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  1. Great comp it looks like, only way it could be better for gaming would be a 9800 XT, but the pro should do just fine. Also, you could get a Western Digital Raptor, 36 gb or 74 gb, but that would just give you less room to store stuff and less money in your pocket. But it may be faster for loading stuff in your game.

    Anxiously awaiting it here yet?
  2. Maybe things have changed, but last time I checked Intel boards don't allow for overclocking, so it is just as well that you don't plan on it. Having said that, Intel boards are quite stable. I had one with my old PIV, before I got into OCing.
  3. Sounds like a great setup, except it looks like you're kinda skimping on the hard drive. Only 80GB?

    Maybe go with an AMD processor and use the money saved to improve the hard drive.
  4. Seems to me that if you went to the A64- 3000 and the ecs 755A board, you would have a much faster system, and enough money to get a second hdd and turn that pro into an XT with a coupon for HL 2.
  5. Nice looking puter. Who makes the Psu?
  6. Wha? With all due respect that wasn't the most sound advice I've heard. Some people actually know how to use the recycle bin and don't need to keep every little thing they download. Anyone that can fill up 80gb+ drives and doesn't do anything involving content creation, in my opinion, needs to go outside. Spending too much time on the computer.
  7. ya, 80GB is plenty big for a Gaming Computer. If he edits video, has a high megapixel digital camera, and/or a huge mp3 collection, then he could look for a good deal on a bigger drive. 80GB could be gone in no time if he gets into video editing, but he did say Gaming Computer. I use mostly 80GB's now in my builds stepping up to 120GB or down to 40GB depending on peoples budget and needs. Some people want dual 120GB's or 160GB's. Without rebates though 40GB is just too close in price to 80GB so he made a wise choice.

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  8. PSU is made by aspire... i believe from what i read it is a moded antec PSU though.

    As for the hard drive... 80gb is plenty of space for me, and i already have the WD... does anyone think it would make a huge difference if i went with a WD raptor?

    Thanx for the comments : )
  9. Well here's an idea - if 80gb is enough, buy two 40gb ata 133 hdds, and set up a RAID 0 array with that...would increase the speeds hugely :)

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  10. Got my last parts last night from intel. Put it together in about an hour... works great so far, only one issue was that the HD was set to master and for some reason caused it to take an extra minute to boot. I set it to cable select and it boots in about 10-15seconds now. Great so far tho, still installing.... at work currently /cry. I'll update with further info : ).

    Intel P4 3.0
    Intel p865gbfl
    2x512 Samsung Dual channel
    WD 80gb 8mb cache SE hard drive
    ATI Radeon 9800 pro
    X-superalien case w/500w PS
  11. You can easily oc the 9800 pro to the 9800xt and that extra 128 ram is useless right now.

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    ATI Radeon 9800 Pro(420/720)
  12. I would love someone to answer Saven's question about the WD Raptor...

    With the os and more intensive 3D games, would the Raptor make that big of a difference over a ATA133 HDD? Even for Video Editing, if your OS and software is on the Raptor, and you are doing your work on a RAID build from two ATA133 HDDs, would it help speed things up that much?

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  13. [cough]<A HREF="" target="_new">HD Section</A>[/cough]

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  14. OK... since this is the video card question forumn... i have a question on vid cards now... got my 9800pro hooked up to a thermal detector.. i placed the small unit under the heatsink and i'm reading about 41C. Is that good/bad/ok... and how would i know if my thermal detector is hosed? seems cool to the touch on the heatsink. So i figure it's fine.

    Intel P4 3.0
    Intel p865gbfl
    2x512 Samsung Dual channel
    WD 80gb 8mb cache SE hard drive
    ATI Radeon 9800 pro
    X-superalien case w/500w PS
  15. That sounds about right. I have seen real off-die thermal sensor readings range from 30ish-60ishC depending on load. Rivatuner take the off die temps for the R9800XT series so if you se reviews of the R9800 series with thermal readings using Rivatuner they should be comparible to what you should expect give or take some minor degrees of error. The actual die temperatures have been determined by ATI to average about 20degrees different than the off die temperatures (cause for recent mild grumbling between Unwinder [maker of Rivatuner] and the Catalyst team). Temperatures listed for the R9600Xt would be ondie temps as they have an inteegrated thermal sensor.

    So 40 is fine, just realize that that is likely not the TRUE temperature of the core, and likely closer to 20C more if ATIs methods are any guage.

    if it says 41C after a HEAVY load (run 3Dmk01 looped for an hour), then I would say it's not a very good determinant of temp, since most people's R9800XT series cards are running in the high 50s low 60s after such a run, and your temp differences wouldn't be that much above ambient or running the card for 6+hrs in 2D work.

    Just my two frames worth.

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