Asus or lenovo

im stuck to choose between Lenovo z470 or asus k43sv

Lenovo specs are:
i3 2330m
4gb ddr
geforce gt 540m 2gb
14"wxga led
750 hard drive


i5 2430m
2gb ddr
14" Hd led
geforce gt 540m 1gb
750gb hard drive

Im stuck with this two brand and i will take this as a survey . though i dont care about the specs and performance becauase they are almost the same but sure it will be nice if you say something about it btw im a gamer . But what im really want to know is what is better between lenovo and asus . i need a laptop for a long time iwant to know who is more durable reliable etc . im totally confused please help me. please elaborate some strengths and weaknesses of these two brands or some exprience of these two any help would be much appriciated . BTW sorry for my bad english
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  1. Go with the second one but upgrade the RAM as soon as you buy it
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